Parser combinators with slicing, error recovery, and syntax highlighting

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BSD3 licensed by Olle Fredriksson

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Adventures in parser combinators.

This is basically a Trifecta clone, i.e. an implementation of the parsers interface, with the following differences:

  • Add error recovery (see withRecovery) based on Megaparsec’s.
  • Use the text library instead of bytestring for input strings. This means that the library interfaces better with the rest of the Haskell library ecosystem and that slicing (see sliced) returns Text.
  • Use the prettyprinter library for pretty-printing.
  • Actually implement the highlighting interface from parsers. This means that error messages that show input code are syntax highlighted.


  • Remove unused bytestring dependency
  • Add lower bounds for all dependencies

  • Change module re-export method to get Haddock to generate docs for Text.Parsix

  • Initial release
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