Common patterns in message-oriented applications

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LGPL licensed by Tobias Schoofs
Maintained by tobias dot schoofs at gmx dot net

In distributed, message-oriented applications, similar communication patterns are used over and over again, such as Server/Client (a.k.a Request/Response), Publish/Subscribe, Pipline (a.k.a. Push/Pull) and Exclusive Pair (a.k.a. Peer-to-Peer). The Patterns package implements those patterns based on zeromq. More information on zeromq can be found at More examples and a test suite are available on

Release History:

Client (Basic and MDP): checkResult added; MDP Broker: Many brokers in one process.
Major Review: Conduits replace enumerators, Interfaces simplified to ByteString, Interfaces simplified in general, Advanced patterns: Majordomo Broker.
Initial Release.
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