A Pretty Extraordinary Zipper library

Latest on Hackage:0.1.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Brandon Simmons

PEZ is a generic zipper library. It uses lenses from the "fclabels" package to reference a "location" to move to in the zipper. The zipper is restricted to types in the Typeable class, allowing the user to "move up" through complex data structures such as mutually-recursive types.

Both the Typeable class and fclabels lenses can be derived in GHC, making it easy for the programmer to use a zipper with a minimum of boilerplate.

Please send any feature requests or bug reports along.

Changes 0.0.4 -> 0.1.0:

 - use fclabels 1.0
 - module renamed Data.Label.Zipper
 - 'ZPath' renamed 'Motion', define new Up type and instance
 - fclabels lenses now require wrapping with 'to'
 - 'moveTo' changed to 'move'
 - savedLens renamed flatten
 - SavedPath renamed To
 - removed experimental operators
 - using failure package for exceptions
 - etc., etc.