browse directory listing webpages and download files from them.

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PublicDomain licensed and maintained by mingchuan


Build Status ## What can this program do?

pgdl is a program for viewing and accessing directory listing webpage in terminal.

Browsing files on directory listings like this is often annoying and hard to find the files we want.

pgdl provids a simple interface for browsing and downloading the files in web-engine-generated directory listings.


by cabal:

cabal update  
cabal install pgdl

via nix:

nix-env -iA nixos.haskellPackages.pgdl


nix-env -i -f pgdl.nix

example usage


or simply type pgdl if you have set servpath attribute in the config file.

Shortcut keys

'/' for file searching

press Enter to download the selected file

press 'q' to quit the program

press 'd' to delete currently selected file (which have been downloaded)

press Meta+Enter to resume the download progress of the currently selected file (like curl -C does)

Config file

If you want to access webpage that uses basic authentication, you should at least set username attribute in config file. (if password is not set, you need to enter password manually when program launch)


# example: 
username = "jack"      # should be set if the webpage have basic authentication
password = "mypassw"   # optional
servpath = "" # default server location, optional
localdir = "/home/jack/Downloads/" # where to store downloaded files, optional
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