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BSD2 licensed by Peter Harpending
Maintained by peter@harpending.org


This program pops open your $EDITOR or $VISUAL, takes whatever you inputted into the file, and pipes it to the X clipboard.

As such, this program only works on Linux and BSD.

I’ve tested it on Arch Linux and FreeBSD.


pipeclip is written in Haskell, so please install Haskell first: https://github.com/bitemyapp/learnhaskell/blob/master/install.md.

You also need to have xclip or xsel installed.


cabal install pipeclip


pipeclip v.
Copyright (c) 2015, Peter Harpending.
Licensed under the FreeBSD license. See --license for info.

    -h,--help             Show this page
    --license             Print out the license.
    --stdout              Print output to stdout instead of piping to the clipboard.
    -t,--template EXT     Name the temporary file the editor edits tmp.EXT so that 
                          it has highlighting and stuff.


[] * Bump up version for editor-open.
* Fix tag in source-repository field.
* Add a changelog
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