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BSD3 licensed by Danny Navarro
Maintained by Danny Navarro

Pipes Errors

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This package is analogous to the errors package but for base monad manipulation in the presence of Proxy monad transformers.

It also provides an orphan MFunctor instance for ExceptRT.


Change Log

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0.3 - 2015-5-21


  • Upgrade errors dependency to 2.0.0.

0.2.1 - 2015-4-13


  • Increase upper bounds for base.
  • Set upper bounds for errors-2.0 which is known to fail.

0.2 - 2014-3-11


  • flipEP.


  • Move orphan instances to a single module.
  • Pipes.Lift.Error re-exports all modules.

0.1 - 2014-3-1

  • Initial release.
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