Haskell game engine like fantasy console. https://github.com/opyapeus/piyo#readme

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MIT licensed by peus
Maintained by opyapeus@gmail.com


Haskell game engine like fantasy console. Inspired by PICO-8.



  • minimum but simple api
  • pure update funciton
  • japanease bitmap font support

It supports PICO-8 like drawing api.

Assuming Specification

For now below.

  • display: 192x192
  • sprite size: 12x12
  • map size: 16x16


SDL2 needed.

For OS X

Install middle wares with homebrew.

brew install sdl2 sdl2_gfx sdl2_image sdl2_mixer sdl2_ttf

For others

It may work ..!

Minimal code

import Piyo

instance Game () where
    draw _ =
        [ cls Yellow
        , txt Black "Hello, World!" 48 48

main :: IO ()
main = piyo () Nothing

Data Flow Schematic

Functions are called in order update, draw, sound every frame.


Index number starts with 0. Not 1.


Sample working code at Examples

Development in the future

  • Redesign assets format
  • Enrich sound api
  • Add useful state update functions
  • FPS management
  • Support ore key action
  • Sprite and map editor
  • Export function for distribution
  • etc…


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