Planet Mitchell

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Mitchell Rosen
Maintained by Mitchell Rosen

Planet Mitchell.

This package provides a curated, highly unstable collection of reorganized re-exports. Mostly for personal use at the moment, me but please poke around and see for a bit more information ;)

A note on module names:

Partial means the module contains partial functions that may throw exceptions if preconditions are violated.

Unsafe means the module contains unsafe functions that either:

  • assume that preconditions hold, e.g. unsafeEmailAddress, which constructs an EmailAddress from a ByteString that is assumed to be valid.

  • do other suspicious things like interleave IO with evaluation, as unsafePerformIO, or lie to the type checker, as unsafeCoerce. In a word, dragons.



All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to the Haskell Package Versioning Policy.

[0.1.0] - 2018-10-21


  • Add Diff dependency
  • Add Safe dependency
  • Add compactable dependency
  • Add email-validate dependency
  • Add exact-pi dependency
  • Add fast-digits dependency
  • Add generic-lens dependency
  • Add ilist dependency
  • Add insert-ordered-containers dependency
  • Add neat-interpolation dependency
  • Add random-bytestring dependency
  • Add say dependency
  • Add stringsearch dependency
  • Add text-metrics dependency
  • Add Posix.Signal module
  • Add ByteString.Lazy.Builder module
  • Export Concurrency.TBQueue.lengthTBQueue if stm >= 2.5.0
  • Export Concurrency.TVar.stateTVar if stm >= 2.5.0
  • Export Foldable.any
  • Export (Numeric.Fractional.^^)
  • Export (Numeric.Num.^)
  • Export (Optic.Fold.Unsafe.^?!)
  • Export (Bits..|.~), (Bits..&.~), Bits.bitAt, Bits.bits
  • Export Mitchell.Prelude.Contravariant
  • Export Mitchell.Prelude.any
  • Export Mitchell.Prelude.contramap
  • Export File.Binary.hPutSerialise
  • Export Function.curry3
  • Export Function.uncurry3
  • Export IO.Memoized
  • Export IO.runMemoized
  • Export IO.memoizeMVar
  • Export Num.Nat.plusMinusInverse1
  • Export Num.Nat.plusMinusInverse2
  • Export Num.Nat.plusMinusInverse3
  • Export Parallelism.parEval
  • Export Mitchell.Prelude.Prism'
  • Export Mitchell.Prelude.Traversal'
  • Export Mitchell.Prelude.the
  • Export Mitchell.Prelude._As


  • Swap Unique implementation from base to unique
  • Swap ByteString.split from bytestring for ByteString.split from stringsearch
  • Swap old text printing functions for say versions in Mitchell.Prelude
  • Rename Posix to Lang.C
  • Rename Posix.Signal to Signal
  • Shorten Numeric.* to Num.*
  • Move Bifoldable(.Partial) modules info Foldable(.Partial) modules
  • Move Bifunctor module info Functor module
  • Move Bitraversable module info Traversable module
  • Move Tuple.(un)curry to Function.(un)curry
  • Move Optic.Iso.* into Optic.Iso
  • Move Optic.Lens.* into Optic.Lens
  • Move Optic.Prism.* into Optic.Prism
  • Move Optic.Traversal.* into Optic.Traversal


  • Remove envparse dependency
  • Remove Distributive.fmapCollect function
  • Remove ByteString.append function
  • Remove ByteString.cons function
  • Remove ByteString.empty function
  • Remove bitDefault, popCountDefault, testBitDefault from Bits
  • Remove File.Text.hPrint function
  • Remove File.Text.print function
  • Remove Mitchell.Prelude.Index type family
  • Remove Mitchell.Prelude.IxValue type family
  • Remove Mitchell.Prelude.Ixed type class
  • Remove Mitchell.Prelude.ix function
  • Split off separate mitchell-prelude-test package
    • Remove gauge dependency
    • Remove hedgehog dependency
    • Remove weigh dependency
    • Remove Bench module
    • Remove Test module
    • Remove Test.Gen module
    • Remove Test.Range module
    • Remove Weigh module

[0.0.0] - 2018-09-20


  • Initial release
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