Remote monad for editing plists

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BSD3 licensed by Andy Gill
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Remote monad wrapper around the plistbuddy shell command for editing plists.

From the manual: The following commands are used to manipulate plist data:

  • Help -- Prints this information.
  • Exit -- Exits the program. Changes are not saved to the file.
  • Save -- Saves the current changes to the file.
  • Revert -- Reloads the last saved version of the file.
  • Clear type -- Clears out all existing entries, and creates root of type type. See below for a list of types.
  • Print [entry] -- Prints value of entry. If an entry is not specified, prints entire file.
  • Set entry value -- Sets the value at entry to value.
  • Add entry type [value] -- Adds entry with type type and optional value value. See below for a list of types.
  • Delete entry -- Deletes entry from the plist.
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