Diagrams based plotting library.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Christopher Chalmers
Maintained by


Haddock Travis

plots is a plotting library based on diagrams.

Some sample plots:

Scatter plot


Bar plot


Heat map


There are many more plots to be added. There are also plans to support 3D plots. Issues and pull requests welcome.


There are several example plots in the examples/ directory. To build the examples, first ensure that you have stack installed, and that you have a stack.yaml file in this directory that contains the lines:

- '.'
- 'test'

(If you run the command stack init, stack will automatically generate the stack.yaml file with the appropriate packages.)

You can then build the examples using sh stack build stack exec RunExamples The RunExamples script will generate png files in the examples_output directory.

Note: The RunExamples script re-builds an example if the output file (examples_output/X.png) does not exist, or if the source file (examples/X.hs) has been modified since the last time the script was run.

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