Tool for refactoring expressions into pointfree form

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OtherLicense licensed by Thomas J├Ąger
Maintained by Ben Millwood
Pointfree refactoring tool

Stand-alone command-line version of the point-less plugin for lambdabot.
Detailed information about the use of this tool is available at

Integration with GHCi: Make sure that the directory containing the pointfree
executable is in your PATH environment variable and add the following line to
your GHCi configuration file:

:def pf \str -> return $ ":! pointfree \"" ++ str ++ "\""

Or modify the line to point directly to the executable. Invoke pointfree with
commands like

:pf \x y -> x + y

Future directions

It would be nice to make pointfree a library that operated on ASTs.


* Dependency update for HSE 1.19, HUnit 1.5 (thanks Nikolay Amiantov)
* Fix bug due to incautious naming of temporary variables (thanks Jack Fransham)

* Dependency update for base 4.9, QuickCheck 2.9

* Dependency update for HSE 1.17, transformers 0.5
* Trim tested-with, I no longer have a working copy of old GHCs

* Fix some bugs in qualified operator handling

* Drop support for GHC 7.0 and 7.2 (actually already lost with HSE 1.16)
* Add support for GHC 7.10.1
* Expose the string -> string transformation as a library (thanks Taylor Fausak)
* Add --stdin flag to enable reading from stdin (thanks Martin Zeller)
* Support some Unicode operators
* Dependency update for QuickCheck 2.9

* Dependency update for HSE 1.16
* Fixing support for transformers 0.4

* Dependency update for HSE 1.15 and transformers 0.4

* Dependency update for GHC 7.8
* Comment out tests that never worked

* Fix using show when I meant prettyprint
* Fix testsuite dependencies
* Replace mtl dep with transformers
* Broaden HSE dep version range

* Replace custom parser with HSE parser, fixing many bugs
* Dependency update for GHC 7.6
* Use cabal's test-suite stuff

* Dependency update for GHC 7.4

v1.0.4.2: (never released on Hackage)
* Dependency update for GHC 7.2

* Metadata fix

* Modernise pragma/extension usage
* Update for mtl-2
* Squash some warnings

* Last version released before I took maintainership
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