Extended Personal Media Network (XPMN) library

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LicenseRef-OtherLicense licensed by Jon Kristensen, Mahdi Abdinejadi
Pontarius XPMN aims to be an efficient and easy-to-use XPMN library for Haskell.
This project was "forked" from Pontarius Media Server 1.0 Alpha 1 since we
wanted to make our XPMN module available to other projects as well.

Pontarius XPMN is still prototyped but it's maturing rapidly.

Please note that we are not recommending anyone to use Pontarius XPMN at this
time as it’s still in an experimental stage and will have its API and data types
modified frequently. That being said, if you are interested to use Pontarius
XPMN anyway, feel free to contact the Pontarius project and we will try to help
you get started. Also, see the Examples directory for an example on how devices
are currently implemented.

We are currently working on cleaning up the API and securing client-to-client

We will release the next version, 1.0 Alpha 2, on the 4th of May.

Look at the Pontarius web site <>, the Pontarius XPMN
web page <> and the Pontarius
XPMN Hackage page <> for more
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