Types for easy adding postgresql configuration to your program

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BSD3 licensed by Aleksey Uimanov
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Simple types and set of functions to quickly add configuration of postgresql to your Yesod site or whatever.


Add separate file or section inside your existing config like that

database:    "dbname"
host:        ""       # optional
port:         5432             # optional
user:        "dbuser"
password:    "pass"
poolsize:    10               # optional maximum connections in pool
pooltimeout: 60               # optional minimum connection lifetime
poolstripes: 1                # optional count of stripes in pool

and then in your program something like that

conf <- decodeFile "pgconfig.yml"
         >>= maybe (fail "Could not parse pgconfig.yml") return
pool <- createPGPool conf
pingPGPool pool

So now you have a pool and can perform queries any way you like.





  • createPGPoolWithCallback accepting callback which must be executed on each connection just after it opened by pool.


  • base constraints relaxed
  • changelog added
  • cabal file beautified


First version

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