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MIT licensed by Donnacha Oisín Kidney
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No more String
String is removed in favor of lazy Data.Text.Lazy.Text.
No more Num
The Num typeclass is now just for types which can be converted from integer literals.
Semigroups are now in scope by default, as well as some useful wrappers.
A Semiring has the operations + and *, and the members one and zero. Bool is a Semiring, as is Integer, etc. Num is not a superclass of Semiring.
Sensibly strict
Several functions, such as foldl, sum, product, etc. are strict as default.
No unnecessary Monads
Functions such as Control.Monad.sequence, Control.Monad.>>, and Control.Monad.replicateM are removed in favor of the equivalent sequenceA, *>, and replicateA on Applicatives.
Fewer partial functions
Functions like head, last, minimum, etc. now return Nothing when called on empty structures. tail and init return empty lists when called on empty lists.
Data structures
Map and Set (the strict variants) are now in scope by default, with a minimal, non-colliding aliased api.
State is now in scope by default.
Handy functions like trace, traceShow, and notImplemented are in scope by default. They give warnings when used so they can't be forgotten.
Other handy functions
An O(n*log n) nub, foldr2, converge, bool, and others.
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