SIMD data types and functions

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BSD3 licensed by Anselm Jonas Scholl

This package provides a lifted version of the SIMD data types and instructions from ghc-prim.

The implementation is based on type families to provide a uniform interface to all different vector types. Instances for numeric operations, Prim, Storable and unboxed vector instances are provided.

Although not all processors support 256 or 512-bit vectors this package provides a uniform interface. Vectors which are bigger than supported are modeled by combining smaller vectors. If the same code is compiled on a computer supporting larger vectors the smaller vectors are replaced by larger vectors.

Note: This package needs to be compiled with LLVM as the NCG does not know how to deal with SIMD-instructions. If LLVM is not available, use -f no-vec to disable the use of SIMD instructions. While this will give you no speedup, it will work with plain Haskell (and should even work with GHCJS).

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