Quasi-Quoters for exec process

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BSD3 licensed by Hideyuki Tanaka
Maintained by Hideyuki Tanaka

process-qq: A Quasi-Quoter to execute processes


This is a simple package for executing external process using quasi-quoters.


$ cabal update
$ cabal install process-qq


process-qq has three quasi-quoters, cmd, lcmd and enumCmd.

The result type of cmd is (Strict) ByteString, lcmd is Lazy ByteString, enumCmd's is MonadIO m => Enumerator ByteString m a.

Command is failed, an Exception is thrown.

Command is executed in run-time, not compile-time.


  • Invoke a process simply

{-# LANGUAGE QuasiQuotes #-}
import System.Process.QQ

main = print =<< [cmd|ls|]
  • Enumerate a process

main =
  run_ $ [enumCmd|curl|] $$ iterHandle stdout
main = do
  [url] <- getArgs
  print =<< [cmd|curl #{url}|]
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