A library for Google/SixApart pubsub hub interaction

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Sigbjorn Finne
== Intro ==

This package is an early-release of the webhooks / publish-subscribe
protocol that is working and
rapidly deploying for various Google services.

The protocol itself isn't tied or limited to a Google service; a
number of hubs have been created and deployed already (see the
above URL for list.)

This Haskell package adds support for working with these
HTTP-based publish-subscribe hub servers, i.e., you may
subscribe to notification to URLs ('topics') from a hub and it
will push updates down as they occur (rather than you polling.)

== Getting started ==

The protocol is dependent on having some callback/endpoints
to forward 'topic' updates to you locally. There's a number of
ways of providing this in Haskell...for testing purposes, I've
included a 'fastcgi' proxy/relaying script that handles this;
see examples/Main.hs It operates by forwarding incoming requests
to a local server for processing -- the thinking being that
it provides a robust web front-end, leaving your basic Haskell
code to do the interesting bits of proccessing the pubsub
notifications. An example of how this could be done is provided
in examples/Feeder.hs which uses the pubsubhub service that provides.

To use, you need to:

* build the cabal package..(!)
* Make the fastcgi script pubsub.fcgi available on
'web-visible' URL.
* Adjust the settings at the top of examples/Feeder.hs
to match your local settings for the script's URL +
settle on a hub to use.

For actual code / documentation on the bits that implement the
very-straightforward PubSubHub protocol, see Web/PubSub.hs

--sigbjorn 09/08/2009


Version 0.10:

Initial release of PubSubHub Haskell package.
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