Implementation of the Pusher WebSocket protocol https://github.com/barrucadu/pusher-ws

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MIT licensed by Michael Walker
Maintained by mike@barrucadu.co.uk

An implementation of the Pusher WebSocket (client) protocol in Haskell.

Current features:

  • ws:// and wss:// protocols.

  • Clusters.

  • Subscribing to channels.

  • Unsubscribing from channels.

  • Authorisation for private and presence channels.

  • Binding event handlers.

  • Unbinding event handlers

  • Sending client events.

  • Threads which automatically get cleaned up on connection close.

  • Automatic reconnection (and channel resubscription).

  • Connection state events.

  • Pusher close codes.

Missing features:

  • "connecting_in" events.

See the README for more details.

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