Command line interface for the pwstore library

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GPL-3 licensed by Robert Helgesson
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This is a simple command line interface to Peter Scott's pwstore library. It allows

  • generation of password hashes from a given password;
  • verification that a given password hash match a given password; and
  • strengthening a given password hash.

Building and Installing

In most cases you can build and install this program using the regular cabal commands

$ cabal configure
$ cabal build
$ cabal install

Alternatively, if you wish to build the program such that it uses pwstore-purehaskell, rather than pwstore-fast then disable the "fast" flag. That is, change the configure command to

$ cabal configure -f '-fast'


This is an example shell session running a few variants of the pwstore command.

$ pwstore
Repeat password:
$ pwstore <<<hunter2
$ pwstore verify 'sha256|12|nFXB28V2In4jg3XT7FnREw==|MQP6yr9RcyRm7J72dtruzseBfQFC31WKQWRxY225KWo=' <<<hunter2
good password
$ pwstore verify 'sha256|12|nFXB28V2In4jg3XT7FnREw==|MQP6yr9RcyRm7J72dtruzseBfQFC31WKQWRxY225KWo=' <<<hello
bad password
$ pwstore strengthen -s 13 'sha256|12|nFXB28V2In4jg3XT7FnREw==|MQP6yr9RcyRm7J72dtruzseBfQFC31WKQWRxY225KWo='
$ pwstore verify 'sha256|12|nFXB28V2In4jg3XT7FnREw==|MQP6yr9RcyRm7J72dtruzseBfQFC31WKQWRxY225KWo=' <<<hello
bad password
$ pwstore verify 'sha256|13|nFXB28V2In4jg3XT7FnREw==|vkeWCO9CA1ZPlInaoLlR4Ei5c+Y6EVLZdi5ucrQED5g=' <<<hunter2
good password
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