Simple bindings to Qhull, a library for computing convex hulls http://nonempty.org/software/haskell-qhull-simple

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BSD3 licensed by Gard Spreemann
Maintained by Gard Spreemann

Simple bindings to Qhull, a C library (http://qhull.org) for computing convex hulls. Currently, only convex hull computation in the Qt and/or Qx modes is supported.

The Qhull library itself is not included, as I consider it a dependency. Cabal's --extra-include-dirs and --extra-lib-dirs can be used if the Qhull headers and shared objects are not in GCC's search path.

Hackage probably fails to build the Haddock documentation since Qhull itself is missing. The documentation can be viewed at http://nonempty.org/software/haskell-qhull-simple/.

Qhull itself is copyright 1992-2012 C. B. Arber and The Geometry Center, University of Minnesota.


  • The current version has only been tested very lightly, and only with version 2009.1 of Qhull.

  • The API will probably change drastically in future versions, especially to be more flexible with regards to input data formats.

Changes in version 0.1:

  • Initial release.

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