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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by John David Reaver

A library for creating and manipulating physical quantities, which are a numerical value associated with a unit of measurement. Included is an expression parser and a huge list of predefined quantities with which to parse strings into a Quantity datatype. Once created, a quantity can be converted to different units or queried for its dimensionality. A user can also operate on quantities arithmetically, and doing so uses automatic unit conversion and simplification.


quantities changelog

0.4 (unreleased)

  • Changed type of Quantity to Quantity a, where a is the type of the magnitude. Note that a should be an instance of Floating to get the most out of the available operations on quantities.
  • Added an executable that is an interface to fromString
  • Can use “ per “ as a synonym for “=>” in fromString

0.3 (4-15-2014)

  • Added unit conversion to fromString using “x => y”
  • Made dimensionality printing nicer.
  • Added doctests and doc coverage tests.

0.2 (4-6-2014)

  • Can handle arithmetical expressions in fromString
  • Added support for user-defined definitions
  • Added check that definitions are the same for conversions

0.1 (3-31-2014)

  • Full implementation of multiplicative dimensional quantities (no offsets yet for temperatures).
  • Support for conversions and monadic quantity computations.
  • Builtin expression parser.
  • Simple definitions file format, fully stocked with units.
  • Travis CI, HSpec units tests, and HLint check.
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