QuickBooks API binding.

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BSD3 licensed by Stack Builders

This package is a binding to the QuickBooks API. The documentation can be test using the `cabal test doctests` command. However, the documentation tests are run against an Intuit sandbox which you must create.

Visit Intuit's developer site to create an "app": https://developer.intuit.com/

After creating an app you can use your "app token" and consumer information to aquire credentials here: https://appcenter.intuit.com/Playground/OAuth

This package is configure by environment variables. Once you have your credentials please export the following environment:

  • INTUIT_COMPANY_ID (your app's company ID)

  • INTUIT_CONSUMER_KEY (your app's consumer key)

  • INTUIT_CONSUMER_SECRET (your app's consumer secret)

  • INTUIT_TOKEN (the OAuth1.0 Token you created above *used for tests*)

  • INTUIT_SECRET (the OAuth1.0 Secret you created above *used for tests*)

  • INTUIT_HOSTNAME (which will be sandbox-quickbooks.api.intuit.com for development/test environments. See the developer website for production)

You can now run verify the documentation using `cabal test`.

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