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BSD3 licensed by Krzysztof Langner
Maintained by klangner@gmail.com

This library contains:

  • periodic table with information about elements

  • Readers and writers for different formula formats.


Version 0.7
* Upgraded to Stack LTS-8.5

Version 0.6
* Added parser for bounds in SMILES format

Version 0.5
* Added parser for groups in Condensed format

Version 0.4
* Added parser and writer for SMILES format
* Merged project radium-formula-parser. Added Condensed formula parser

Version 0.3
* Added electronegativity and ionization energy for all elements

Version 0.2 2014-09-17
* Added formula parser

Version 0.1 2014-09-16
* Added calculation for valence electrons and bounds
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