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BSD3 licensed by Michael Hatfield


A simple way to generate random strings for testing and benchmarking.

A purely random character string is not always the best test case for testing and benchmarking. These modules help generate random strings with preferences for character sets and character properties.


module Main ( main ) where

import Test.RandomStrings

iso_alpha = onlyAlpha randomChar8
ascii_alphanum = onlyAlphaNum randomASCII

-- print a list of 30 random alphanumeric strings between 5 and 25
-- chars long.

main = do
    words <- randomStringsLen (randomString ascii_alphanum) (5,25) 30
    mapM_ putStrLn words

Build the example with cabal build readme-example.

Functions allow tuning strings for character class and toying with the distribution of alphabetic and upper/lower-case characters.


Depends on 3 packages:
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