Data structures and support functions for working with random processes http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Random_Processes

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BSD3 licensed by David Banas
This is the `RandProc` library, written by David Banas.

For more info, please, see the comments in `Data/RandProc.hs`.
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For usage examples, please, see:
- test/Test.hs
Darcs check-in tests
- Data/RandProc/Examples/Problems/*.hs
example problems, taken from the text upon which this library is based

The intent of this library is to provide the data structures and support
functions necessary for working with abstract probability spaces, in a
mathematically rigorous way. It is not intended to provide functionality for
generating distributions, moments, expectations, etc., as there are already
libraries available for this. (`Probabilistic Functional Programming` is one
that I've seen, but haven't had a chance to investigate, yet.)

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