Push-pull functional reactive programming

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_Reactive_ [1] is a simple foundation for programming reactive systems
functionally. Like Fran/FRP, it has a notions of (reactive) behaviors and
events. Like DataDriven [2], Reactive has a data-driven implementation.

The inspiration for Reactive was Mike Sperber's Lula [3] implementation of
FRP. Mike used blocking threads, which I had never considered for FRP.
While playing with the idea, I realized that I could give a very elegant
and efficient solution to caching, which DataDriven doesn't do. (For an
application "f <*> a" of a varying function to a varying argument, caching
remembers the latest function to apply to a new argument and the last
argument to which to apply a new function.)

The theory and implementation of Reactive are described in the paper
"Push-pull functional reactive programming" [4].

Note that cabal[5], version or greater is required for installation.

You can configure, build, and install all in the usual way with Cabal

runhaskell Setup.lhs configure
runhaskell Setup.lhs build
runhaskell Setup.lhs install




== Version 0 ==

=== Version 0.8 ===

=== Version 0.8.1 ===

* Adding QuickCheck tests.

''Fill in missing versions''

=== Version 0.3 ===

* Commented out LANGUAGE pragmas and added OPTIONS_GHC -fglasgow-exts for ghc-6.6 compatibility.

=== Version 0.2 ===

* Fixed <hask>switcher</hask>. Didn't terminate. Thanks to Ivan Tomac for the bug report.

=== Version 0.1 ===

* Added <hask>Never</hask> constructor for Future. Allows optimizations, including a huge improvement for <hask>(>>=)</hask> on <hask>Event</hask> (which had been piling up <hask>never</hask>s).
* removed <code>-threaded</code> comment
* added <hask>traceR</hask> (reactive value tracing)
* use idler in <code>src/Examples.hs</code> (for single-threaded use of wxHaskell)

=== Version 0.0 ===

* New project.
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