Examples for the reactive-banana library, using wxHaskell.

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BSD3 licensed by Heinrich Apfelmus
Maintained by Heinrich Apfelmus <apfelmus quantentunnel de>

This library provides some GUI examples for the reactive-banana library, using wxHaskell.

Note: You need to install the (platform independent) cabal-macosx library before you can configure/build and install this library.

Note: This library contains examples, but they are not built by default. To build and install the example, use the buildExamples flag like this

cabal install reactive-banana-wx -fbuildExamples

Stability forecast The wrapper functions are rather provisional.


Changelog for the reactive-banana-wx package


  • Add function sinkPaint for time-varying paint functions. #133
  • Add mouse event helpers. #132
  • Add convenience stack.yml file to reactive-banana-wx. #129


  • Adjust to reactive-banana version == 1.1.*.


  • Adjust to reactive-banana version == 1.0.*.


  • Allow newer dependencies (including array, process, wx, wxcore).


  • The library now may depend on reactive-banana-0.9 as well.


  • The library now depends on reactive-banana version == 0.8.*.
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