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MIT licensed by Firas Zaidan
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ReadIO - Read IO library


A lightweight library to read and write data types deriving Read and Show.


Defining your data types

Define your data type deriving Read and Show:

data Foo = Foo 
  { id :: Integer,
    name :: String,
    value :: Double,
    nested :: [(String, Bar)]
  deriving (Read, Show, Eq) 

data Bar = Bar 
  { some :: Char
  deriving (Read, Show, Eq) 

Creating your data files

Create some data files you want to read - e. g. data/

Foo {
  id = 0,
  name = "a",
  value = 1.5,
  nested = [
    ("key 1", Bar { some = 'a'}),
    ("key 2", Bar { some = 'A'})

and data/

Foo {
  id = 1,
  name = "b",
  value = 3.1234567800009,
  nested = [
  ("key 1", Bar { some = 'b'}),
  ("key 2", Bar { some = 'B'})



foo <- System.IO.Read.readFrom "data/" :: IO Foo

to deserialize it to IO Foo or

foos <- System.IO.Read.readDirectory "data"` :: IO [Foo]

to deserialize all containing files to IO [Foo].



System.IO.Show.showFile foo "data/"

to serialize foo of type Foo to data/



See LICENSE file.

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