SDL2 and reflex FRP

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This is a reflex host for sdl2.

Writing and running sdl2 apps requires version 2 of the awesome SDL library. If you have nix then the build process will install SDL2 for you.


with stack & nix

Using stack and nix together is the path of enlightenment. nix handles installing SDL2 while stack builds the haskell deps.

stack --nix build

without nix

Without nix you’ll have to install SDL2 yourself.


Using homebrew

brew install sdl2

Ubuntu / Debian

The sdl2 bindings require SDL >= 2.0.4, or for special instructions to be followed. Assuming you’re on Ubuntu >= 16.04, you can run

apt-get install libsdl2-dev

otherwise please visit the org page above and install via their README.


After building you can view an example using the built-in 2d renderer in app/Main.hs.

To run the example do:

stack --nix exec reflex-sdl2-exe
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