A POSIX, extended regex-engine.

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GPL licensed by Dr. Alistair Ward
Maintained by


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This is "RegExChar", a regex-engine built from the polymorphic regex-engine "RegExDot" as a proof of concept.


It can be built and installed using Cabal.


  • The directory "man/" contains the documentation.
  • More information about this application can be found at RegExChar.


For information on copying and distributing this package, see the file "LICENSE" in this directory.


Bug-reports should be emailed to .


The test-suite can be run using:

cabal configure --enable-tests;
cabal build;
cabal test --show-details=always;


This application is written and maintained by Dr. Alistair Ward.


2010-11-18 Dr. Alistair Ward

  • First version of the package.

  • Reacted to major-number changes in the packages "ToolShed-" & "RegExDot-".
  • Created src/RegExChar/ (& then modified module-names accordingly), & sub-directory "data/".
  • Pacified hlint.
  • Qualified identifiers used in error-messages.

  • Ported to ghc-7.0.1:
    • Replaced the deprecated module "Test.QuickCheck.Batch", & labelled properties.
  • Added the cabal-flag "threaded", to account for the requirement to link with the threaded runtime when using a threaded version of the library package "RegExDot".

  • Parallelised processing where executable "grecce" is requested to read multiple input-data files.
  • Extracted matching-operation from the module "Main", into new module "Grecce.Grep".
  • Migrated modules required only by the executable "grecce", from the directory "RegExChar" into the new directory "Grecce".
  • Replaced use of @threaded@-flag in source-code, with Cabal CPP-macro.
  • Added .spec-file.

  • Added default values of command-line flags, to usage-message.
  • Reacted to migration of RegExDot.Options to ToolShed.Options.
  • Used new module "ToolShed.Package".

  • Fixed negated reference to unparenthesised CPP-macro "MIN_VERSION".
  • Protected reference in module "Grecce/QC/QuickChecks", to Test.QuickCheck.verboseCheck, using CPP-statement.

  • Amended RPM .spec-file, to install under directory "/usr", rather than "/usr/local".
  • Renamed package from "RegExChar" to "regexchar", for compatibility with Debian's .deb-format.
  • Added directory-structure required to build .deb-package.

  • Redefined man-page to be an "extra-source-file" in the .cabal-file & the .spec-file.
  • Added manually controlled flag "llvm" to the .cabal-file.
  • Replaced references to the module "ToolShed.Package" with "Distribution.Package".
  • Changed identifier for type-parameters, to better reflect its role.
  • Removed dependency on archaic module "ToolShed.Arithmetic".
  • Reacted to the creation of module "ToolShed.Defaultable".
  • Uploaded to Hackage.

  • Amended the .cabal-file to more correctly specify dependency on package "toolshed".
  • Used new module "ToolShed.Pair" from package toolshed-
  • Relocated modules "Grecce.Assert", "Grecce.Performance" and "Grecce.QC", into new layer "Test", in module-hierarchy.
  • Guarded flag "eager-blackholing" in the cabal-file.

  • Recoded module "RegExChar.RegExOptsChar" to the interface Data.Array.IArray.IArray, rather than the data-type Data.Array.Array.
  • Replaced (+ 1) and (- 1) with the faster calls succ and pred, in modules "RegExChar.RegExOptsChar", "Grecce.Test.Performance.ExtendedRegExTestsPositive" and "Grecce.Grep".
  • Used Paths_regexchar.version in Main, rather than hard-coding it.
  • Reacted to new module-hierarchy and addition of method ToolShed.SelfValidate.getErrors, in package "toolshed-", and used it to improved error-reporting in @instance Read RegExChar.ExtendedRegExChar.ExtendedRegExChar@.
  • Replaced use of Control.Monad in RegExChar.MetaChar and RegExChar.ExtendedRegExChar, with Control.Applicative.
  • Replaced System with System.Environment and System.Exit.
  • Removed dependency on haskell98.

  • Fully qualified symbols imported from package "regexdot".
  • Used new constant RegExDot.Anchor.unanchored.
  • Added details to any failure to parse the command-line arguments.
  • Used new test-modules from package "toolshed-".

  • Refactored module "Grecce.Test.QC.QuickChecks".
  • Replaced calls to error from inside the IO-monad, with
  • Trapped command-line arguments to which garbage has been appended.
  • Added files to build .deb to the .cabal-file.
  • Tested with haskell-platform-2013.2.0.0.
  • Replaced preprocessor-directives with build-depends constraints in the .cabal-file.

  • Either replaced instances of (<$>) with fmap to avoid ambiguity between modules "Control.Applicative" & "Prelude" which (from package "base-4.8") also exports this symbol, or hid the symbol when importing the module "Prelude".

  • Added the compiler to the output returned for the command-line option "version".
  • Changed flag "threaded" in the .cabal-file to manual.
  • Added "Default-language"-specification to the .cabal-file.
  • Added file "README.markdown".
  • Converted this file to markdown-format.
  • Replaced System.Exit.exitWith System.Exit.ExitSuccess with System.Exit.exitSuccess.
  • Moved the entry-point to the test-suite from module "Main.hs" to "Test.hs", both to integrate with cabal & to minimise the dependencies of the executable.
  • Partitioned the source-files into directories "src-lib", "src-exe", & "src-test", & referenced them individually from the .cabal-file to avoid repeated compilation.
  • Used CPP to control the import of symbols from Control.Applicative.

  • Corrected the markdown-syntax in this file.
  • Reverted to calling "error" rather than "", since the String-argument for the latter is discarded in Monad-implementations other than IO.
  • Uploaded to GitHub.
  • Simplified file src-test/Main.hs.
  • Added prop_read to modules; Grecce.Test.QC.{RepeatableMetaChar,ExtendedRegExChar}.
  • Replaced calls to error with [], in implementation of Read, in module RegExChar.ExtendedRegExChar.
  • Added file .travis.yml to control testing by
  • Added file .ghci.
  • Replaced use of module ToolShed.Defaultable with Data.Default.
  • Reimplemented RegExChar.MetaChar.deconstruct, QuickCheck.ExtendedRegExChar.deconstruct, QuickCheck.RepeatableMetaChar.deconstruct using record-syntax.
  • Tested with ghc-8.0.1.

  • Added default RTS-options to regexchar.cabal.
  • Removed dependency on Distribution.Package.PackageName

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