Additional functions for regular: arbitrary, coarbitrary, and binary get/put.

Latest on Hackage:0.2.3

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BSD3 licensed by Jose Pedro Magalhaes, Sebastiaan Visser
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Additional functions for the regular [1] generic programming library, such as arbitrary, coarbitrary, and binary get/put. These are not bundled with the library because they introduce dependencies on additional packages.



version 0.2.3: Expand accepted versions of QuickCheck 2

version 0.2.2: Add support for QuickCheck 2

version 0.2.1: relax dependency on QuickCheck

version 0.2.0: add gdseq (using the deepseq package for base cases)

version 0.1.2: fix bug on hfixpoints

version 0.1.1: fix dependency on regular

version 0.1: initial release
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