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BSD3 licensed by Chris Eidhof
Maintained by Chris Eidhof

This package implements generic functions for web programming. Based on the regular library [1], we provide generic functions for generating HTML, Formlets, and JSON. For a larger example, see the Example.lhs [2] file on github.




Consider the following datatypes:

data Person = Person
    _name   :: String
  , _age    :: Int
  , _isMale :: Bool
  , _place  :: Place

data Place = Place
    _city      :: String
  , _country   :: String
  , _continent :: String

We can now derive a Regular instance for the Person datatype using Template Haskell:

$(deriveAll ''Place  "PFPlace")
$(deriveAll ''Person "PFPerson")

type instance PF Place  = PFPlace
type instance PF Person = PFPerson

We can construct an example person:

location :: Place
location = Place "Utrecht" "The Netherlands" "Europe"
chris    :: Person
chris    = Person "chris" 25 True location
And, as an example, we can generate |HTML| and |JSON| values:
locationHtml :: X.Html
locationHtml = ghtml location
personHtml :: X.Html
personHtml = ghtml chris
locationJSON :: JSValue
locationJSON = gto location
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