A DSL for marking student work

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#+TITLE: remark — a DSL for marking student work

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When judging student performance, it is useful to have both small, composable,
quantitive judgements, and qualitative remarks. This makes both spreadsheets
and mere text-files ill-suited for marking student work. Although
[[][org-mode]] can solve this problem to a great extent, it
becomes a heavy tool in the light of having to mark hundreds of students in a
distributed fashion. With org-mode, everything is in one file, while global,
intra-student statistics are not needed until all the students have been fully

* Design Goals

1. One human-readable/editable file per student.
2. Export options to spreadsheet-formats.
3. git-friendly file format.
4. Synchronization options with Dropbox and/or Google Drive.

Goal 4 is not necessarily related to remark, but is related to marking student
work with external examiners, who are not always willing to use more explicit
version-control systems, such as git.

* Files and Directories


* Syntax

A =.mrk= file is a list of judgements. A judgement is a header, with a title,
set points, and maximum points, followed by some comments.
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