Toolkit for quickly whipping up config files and command-line interfaces.

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Apache-2.0 licensed by Janos Tapolczai

A simple toolkit for quickly whipping up REPLs, input validation and sets of commands included.

Changes Expanded defErrorHandler with user-friendly messages.
Fixed the handling of empty input.
makeREPLSimple now ignores input consisting only of whitespace. Fixed name clashes with base, added new exports, fixed typos. Updated aeson dependency's upper bound.

1.0 Refactored the package. Switched from lazy to strict text. Changed the types. Added user input as parameter for Asker error messages.

0.5 Replaced system-filepath with filepath, as system-filepath has become deprecated. This is a minor, but breaking, change.

0.4 Completely overhauled the command system. It is now possible to chain commands together and make subcommands.

0.3.1 Added functionality for reading configuration files.

0.3 Ditched MonadError in favour of MonadThrow. This should make the functions much easier to use.
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