Blogging module using blaze html for markup

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BSD3 licensed by Sebastian Witte
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A blogging module that uses a repository as its content backend.


The Haddock documentation of the module Web.RBB should contain enough information to get started.


As long as there are no web application specific changes required, I would usually just review and accept every pull request.


  • Please write documentation!
  • Please try to write tests!
  • If an issue exists, reference it!
  • Similar to neovim’s development, use [WIP], [RFC] and [RDY] as tags in pull requests. Especially the [WIP] annotation has the potential to avoid unnecessary duplicate work if the pull request is created immediately after starting to work at the issue.


Version 0.0.1 (2014-11-14)

  • Allows a dyre-based blog configuration (see haddock in Web.RBB for an example)

| – | Sebastian Witte

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