Allocate resources which are guaranteed to be released.

Latest on Hackage:0.2

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BSD3 licensed by Shane O'Brien
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This is a simplified, standalone version of the ResourceT transformer that was originally developed as part of the conduit package. That version of ResourceT was supported by a complicated hierarchy of type classes, the main purpose of which was to enable the usage of ResourceT on top of the ST monad. However, this doesn't really make much sense conceptually, and the reason it was done is because conduits are very closely tied to ResourceT, and an instance for ST would enable the usage of ResourceT in pure code.

This package completely does away with the supporting type class hierarchy, and as such, this version of ResourceT can only be used with IO or IO-like monads.

This package is motivated by a belief that the iteratee problem and the resource finalization problem are orthogonal. This package is ideal for usage with the pipes library.

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