A French revolutionary decimal time (metric) clock

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GPL licensed by Kamil Stachowski

RevDecTime is a tiny utility which displays the current French Revolutionary Decimal Time (metric clock). This representation of time was first introduced during the French Revolution in 1793, it became official in 1794 but it never really caught on and mandatory use was suspended in 1795. The private opinion of the author of the present tiny tool is that it is a great shame, and that the idea is definitely worth another try.

The main idea behind decimal time is that duodecimal is quite an inconvenient system in our decimal world. In decimal time, each day is divided into ten (decimal) hours, each hour into a hundred minutes and each minute into a hundred seconds. As a result, the following relations hold:

Duodecimal Decimal | Decimal Duodecimal
1 second = 1.16 seconds | 1 second = 0.864 seconds
1 minute = 0.69 minutes | 1 minute = 1.44 minutes
1 hour ≈ 0.42 hours | 1 hour = 2.4 hours

This means that decimal decimal seconds are slightly shorter than the ones we know, and decimal minutes are almost one and a half times longer and decimal hours are almost two and a half times longer than the ones used now.

– midnight = 0:00; noon = 5:00;
– 8 am = 3:33 (⅓ into the day);
– 3 pm = 6:25; 6 pm = 7:50; 8 pm = 8:33;
– 1.5 h ≈ 0:62; 2 h ≈ 0:83.

Some more information on decimal time can be found at:


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