Ring-LWE/LWR challenges using Lol. https://github.com/cpeikert/Lol

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GPL-2 licensed by Eric Crockett, Chris Peikert
Maintained by Eric Crockett

This package contains code to generate and verify the RLWE challenges. It also contains one of the protobuf files needed to read the serialized challenges. The proto file can be used with any language with an implementation of protocol-buffers.

The library only contains files generated by hprotoc; the executable contains the code to generate, suppress, and verify challenges.


Changelog for rlwe-challenges project

  • Removed unnecessary dependencies.

  • Support for creating/reading challenges over a base product-ring.
  • Backward compatible with existing challenges.
  • Executable files are now part of a library so that it is easier to reuse code to create/verify/attack challenges.

  • Initial release.
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