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BSD3 licensed
Maintained by Ganesh Sittampalam

rmonad provides a restricted monad class in the Control.RMonad hierarchy.
The class makes use of associated datatypes (available in GHC 6.8),
using an idea learnt from Wolfgang Jeltsch:

It also provides a way to treat a restricted monad as a normal monad
using a generic wrapper type. This idea is described here:

See the haddock documentation for information on how to use it.

darcs get http://code.haskell.org/rmonad


Add instances for all the mtl stuff. Consider also doing this for mtl-tf
(namespacing issues?)

Add all the normal monad combinators

Should we use Monad etc rather than RMonad etc for naming?
- Pro: standard modern namespacing conventions
- Anti: Module names need to be different to allow co-existence

Do we actually want RApplicative etc? Nasty because most restrictions aren't much use on function types
DSELs are a good example of where Suitable could be closed over function types
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