A build daemon for Haskell development

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GPL-3 licensed by Karl Voelker
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Robin is a build daemon for Haskell development.


robin (start | stop | build | watch | debug)

This daemon rebuilds a cabalized Haskell project whenever a source file changes. It runs one of the following commands:

  • ./, if that file exists, or
  • stack build, if stack.yaml exists, or
  • cabal build, otherwise.


  • start - if the current project doesn’t already have a daemon, start one
  • stop - stop the daemon for the current project
  • build - show the output of the last build, or if a build is in progress, wait for completion and then show its output
  • watch - take over the console, always showing the latest build output
  • debug - like start, but doesn’t daemonize

The default command is build.

Note: the current project is assumed to be the root of the git working copy which contains the current directory. definition.

Vim integration

echo 'setlocal makeprg=robin' >> ~/.vim/ftplugin/haskell.vim
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