Un-/parse JSON with roundtrip invertible syntax definitions.

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BSD3 licensed by Thomas Sutton, Christian Marie
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Roundtrip Aeson

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roundtrip allows you to write invertible syntax descriptions -- or, to put it another way, a parser and pretty printer combined -- for String or XML data. This package extends this to support constructing and destructing JSON documents.


Using roundtrip-aeson is relatively straightforward:

  1. Define your data type;

  2. Define partial isomorphisms for the constructors (probably using the template haskell);

  3. Describe the syntax of its JSON representation; and

  4. Use that representation to build and parse JSON.

{.haskell} import Data.Aeson.RoundTrip

data Invoice = Unpaid Bool Integer Bool | Paid Double deriving (Show)

defineIsomorphisms ''Invoice

invoiceSyntax :: JsonSyntax s => s Invoice invoiceSyntax = unpaid <$> jsonField "overdue" jsonBool <> jsonField "total" jsonIntegral <> jsonField "warned" jsonBool <|> paid <$> jsonField "total" jsonRealFrac

main :: IO () main = do -- Build a JSON representation. let Right x = runBuilder invoiceSyntax $ Unpaid False 40 [False] L.putStrLn $ encode x -- Parse a JSON representation. print $ runParser invoiceSyntax x

See tests/demo.hs for the complete source of this example.

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