Parse a subset of Ruby objects serialised with Marshal.dump.

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MIT licensed by Philip Cunningham
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Parse a subset of Ruby objects serialised with Marshal.dump.



  • Added some minor style changes.
  • Relaxed mtl lower bound.


  • Separated modules by concern.
  • Hid underlying Get monad from consumers to allow us to change the parsing library without breaking consumers should a more performant one become available.
  • Added Rubyable type class to make it easier to go between RubyObject and plain Haskell values.
  • Replaced Double with Float as per Marshal format.
  • Replaced internal representation of Hash with Vector of tuples to simplify Rubyable type class and usage for consumers.
  • Added more type safety by extracting ADT of all possible Ruby string encodings.
  • Re-ordered parser to try parsing simpler objects first.
  • Used strict State monad instead of non-strict.


  • Completed fully-functioning parser for a subset of Ruby objects serialised with Ruby's Marshal format.
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