Mathematical/physical/chemical constants

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Anton Vorontsov

Science.Constants.Dimensional is a variant of Science.Constants[1] package, with the only difference is that that the dimensional flavor provides (where applicable) dimensionally-typed constants. The Numeric.Units.Dimensional[2] wrappers allow to write type-safe formulas, for example all of this will successfully type-check:

~$ ghci -XNoImplicitPrelude
λ= import Numeric.Units.Dimensional.Prelude

λ= import Science.Constants.Dimensional

λ= massOfProton + massOfElectron

1.673532715291e-27 kg
λ= massOfProton / massOfElectron


But this will not:

λ= massOfProton / massOfElectron + planckConstant

    Couldn't match type `Numeric.NumType.Pos
                           (Numeric.NumType.Pos Numeric.NumType.Zero)'
                  with `Numeric.NumType.Zero'
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