An interactive renderer for plotting time-series data

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BSD3 licensed by Conrad Parker
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scope-cairo is a Cairo rendering backend for scope, which is a a framework for plotting time-series data using zoom-cache files.

For more information on scope and zoom-cache, see their packages:

This package includes a Gtk/Cairo application. It's a desktop application with a File menu; remember those? wow! This will probably be split out into a separate package later, and there'll be a webby javascripty version too, but for now there's this desktop app.

To run it, simply:

$ cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools scope-cairo
$ scope-cairo

Then, select File->Open from the menubar, with your mouse: there's no swiping gestures back here, baby! Four (yes, 4) demo files are included in this version of the package. Choose one, and it will be drawn in the window. Amazing! It should look something like what you saw in the post you read about this in, but more personal because now it's happening to you.

Zoom in with the scroll wheel on your mouse. If you don't have a scroll wheel, use the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard. If you don't have up and down arrows you are elite!

Pan around by dragging it. There's a scrollbar too if you're into that.

Load up another file! It will also be drawn. Zoom in and out and pan around, yay! Life is gooood!

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