Easy Mustache templating support for Scotty

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BSD3 licensed by Dan Frumin
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This library provides a small templating DSL extension for Scotty via the hastache library.

is a light-weighted Web framework/router
is a Haskell implementation of the Mustache templates:,



Keeping up with the Scotty 0.6 updating. The introduction of the
custom exception types is reflected in the `scotty-hastache` package
as well. The main types are now polymorphic over an exception type

type ScottyH e = ScottyT e HState
type ActionH e = ActionT e HState

In addition, the specialized (to `Text`) types and runners are

type ScottyH' = ScottyH Text
type ActionH' = ActionH Text
scottyH' :: Port -> ScottyH' () -> IO ()
scottyHOpts' :: Options -> ScottyH' () -> IO ()

Thanks to Kirill Zaborsky for pointing out the incompatibility with 0.6.
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