A software defined radio library

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Adam Walker

Write software defined radio applications in Haskell.


  • Signal processing blocks can be chained together using the Pipes library

  • Zero copy design

  • Signal processing functions are implemented in both Haskell and C (with SIMD acceleration)

  • Can FIR filter, decimate and resample

  • Helper functions for FIR filter design using window functions and plotting of the frequency response

  • FFTs using FFTW

  • Line and waterfall plots using OpenGL

  • FM demodulation

  • PulseAudio sound sink

  • rtl-sdr and BladeRF based radio sources/sinks supported and other sources are easily added

See for more features and screenshots.

A collection of simple apps that use this library can be found here. These include an FM radio receiver, an OpenGL waterfall plotter and an AM radio receiver.

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