Wrap the select(2) POSIX function

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BSD3 licensed by Gard Spreemann
Maintained by Gard Spreemann

While tinkering on a project, I frequently found myself having to make FFI calls to select(2). This package provides an interface to that system call.

Changed in version

  • Minor internal cleanups.

  • TODO moved to file.

Changes in version 0.4:

  • Introduce an interface to fd_set.

  • Add functions with various amounts of abstraction; in particular, select'' matches select in previous versions.

  • Retry select(2) in case of interruption by signals.

  • Remove dependence on the vector package.


  • Behavior with write and exception file descriptors is under-tested. Feedback is welcome.

  • This package is far from complete, and should be tested throughly before being relied upon.

NOTE: I feel I'm occupying prime namespace realestate with a package name like select. I'll happily let myself be chased away if someone more qualified wants to use this package name. Let me know.

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