BSD-3-Clause licensed by C. McCann, Oleg Grenrus
Maintained by Oleg Grenrus
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Depends on 3 packages(full list with versions):

This package is deprecated. It simply re-exports semialign (and adds a lens constraint).

This package provided SemialignWithIndex with two members

class (FunctorWithIndex i f, Semialign f) => SemialignWithIndex i f | f -> i where
    ialignWith :: (i -> These a b -> c) -> f a -> f b -> f c
class (SemialignWithIndex i f, Zip f) => ZipWithIndex i f | f -> i where
    izipWith   :: (i -> a -> b -> c)    -> f a -> f b -> f c



  • Deprecated in favor of semialign-1.2 Indexed classes use FunctorWithIndex from indexed-traversable


  • Split ZipWithIndex out of SemialignWithIndex
  • Compatible semialign-1.1.


Split out of these package.