Servant based API and server for token based authorisation

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The repo contains server implementation of servant-auth-token-api.

How to add to your server

At the moment you have two options for backend storage:

  • persistent backend - persistent backend, simple to integrate with your app.

  • acid-state backend - acid-state backend is light solution for in memory storage, but it is more difficult to integrate it with your app.

  • Possible candidates for other storage backends: VCache, leveldb, JSON files. To see how to implement them, see HasStorage type class.

Now you can use ‘guardAuthToken’ to check authorization headers in endpoints of your server:

-- | Read a single customer from DB
customerGet :: CustomerId -- ^ Customer unique id
  -> MToken '["customer-read"] -- ^ Required permissions for auth token
  -> ServerM Customer -- ^ Customer data
customerGet i token = do
  guardAuthToken token
  runDB404 "customer" $ getCustomer i


  • Allow passing client side hashed passwords for signup and restore.

  • Allow passing client side hashed password to signin endpoint.

  • Bump versions for lts-12.9.

  • Support servant-0.13.

  • Support servant-0.12.

  • Versions bounds are relaxed.

  • Fix typo in invalidatePermanentCodes.
  • Servant combinator.
  • Rename migration function.

  • Relax servant and servant-server versions.

  • Make withAuthToken work properly.

  • Add withAuthToken to guard groups of endpoints.

  • Auto deriving HasAuthConfig and HasStorage for transformers.

  • persistent-postgresql is not actually used

  • Add signinByHashUnsafe for internal usage.

  • Implementation for AuthFindUserByLogin endpoint.
  • Feature to manipulate with hashes of passwords. For instance, now you can store hashed admin password in config.

  • Add implementation for AuthCheckPermissionsMethod and AuthGetUserIdMethod endpoints.

  • Relax aeson and opt-parse-applicative bounds.
  • Add monad-control instances.

  • Remove persistent dependencies from abstract package.

  • Abstract over storage: persistent and acid-state backends.

  • Support lts-7.1 (ghc 8 and persistent-0.6)

  • Add authorisation by single usage codes.

  • Relax boundaries for ghc 8.0.1.

  • Implement servant-auth-token- API.

  • Expose implementation of API for embedding in complex servers.

  • Added restoreCodeGenerator to configuration

  • Initial publication
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