Servant based API for token based authorisation

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The package provides abstract RESTful API for token based authorisation using servant. It contains only generic types and servant-swagger instances. You may be interested in server/client side implementations:

Also you can explore swagger documentation for the API and view markdown version of docs.


  • Bump versions to lts-12.9.

  • Push version bounds.

  • Push version bounds.

  • Add AuthSigninPostMethod to substitute security weak AuthSigninMethod.

  • Push bounds for aeson-

  • Add AuthFindUserByLogin endpoint.

  • Add AuthCheckPermissionsMethod endpoint.
  • Add AuthGetUserIdMethod endpoint.

  • Relax aeson version bound.

  • Sync release with servant-auth-token package.

  • Add flat-perm-symbols flag.

  • Fix overlaying bug with singe use code authorisation.

  • Add single use code authorisation.

  • Expose UnliftPermSymbol and PlainPerms.

  • Moving tokens to PermSymbol instead of Symbol to allow complex permission labels to be used.
  • Return Unit instead of ().

  • Remove reexports.

  • PagedList schema name now contains names of parameters.
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